SHL Online Test - Help Instruction


In order to take the online test you will need to:

Compatible Browsers

Please consult the link below to check your Internet Browser is compatible with the test:

We would however recommend using Internet Explorer on a PC or Camino on a Mac.

You can download Internet Explorer 8 here:

You can download Camino here:

Pop-Up Blockers

The online test uses pop-ups. If you have any pop-up blocking software on your computer you will therefore need to disable it so that pop-ups are allowed.

Some sources of pop-up blockers are:

Please note if you are unable to enable pop-up windows on that PC, you will have to access the tests from another machine.

Information on taking the test

You will be presented with a short (8 question) practice test before the real test. Please only use the navigation buttons within the test window to move about within the test.

Please be advised if during the test the main site for your test warns it will time out this will not affect your test as this is taken in a separate window.

If during the test you have issues whilst trying to take the test with it apparently becoming ‘stuck’, if using a wireless connection you may need to restart the router. Please also try minimizing and then maximizing the test window, then clicking in the white area of the test window and trying the next button again.

If at the end of your test you do not automatically see a message you have completed the test please log out and check back again after four hours. If you still do not see a message your results have been received please contact the support team using the technical support form on the main site. If you received a string at the end of your test please send this through at the same time.

Removing Temporary Internet Files

You may need to remove the temporary Internet files for the tests to work.

In Internet Explorer 7 go to Tools, Internet Options, on the General tab click the Delete button and in the ‘'Temporary Internet Files' section click the ‘'Delete files' button.

In Firefox go to Tools, Options, Privacy, click 'Clear Now', make sure ‘'Official Web Site Data' is selected (you don't need any other options selected unless you want to clear them as well) and click 'Clear Private Data Now'.

Special Requirements for sitting the test

If you have any special requirements for sitting the test (for instance extra time for dyslexia) please contact the recruitment team directly with your requirements.

If you experience difficulties

If you experience difficulties please email back with the account you use to log in and:

SHL Maintenance Dates

Please refer to for any scheduled downtime by SHL. During these periods you may be unable to access the online tests